Mike Worcester 

Eat, Sleep, Surf, Blow Glass.

Part of the reason I love working with glass is the primal forces that I can play with.
when I am working with the hot glass the intense heat feels so raw and real, 

The glass is so fluid and it’s movement reminds me so much of being around the ocean, 
I get so much of my inspiration from just being in and around the ocean when I surf or swim.

The mountains also give me so much inspiration, you can watch and see how time and erosion take place with the rivers, wind , volcanoes plate tectonics,
I just love that stuff

I’m finding cold working is like controlling erosion using diamonds ,water and a sandblaster to carve away layers of glass

It’s like having a hurricane, a river, and the ocean in your control to shape the landscape which in my case is a piece of glass that I have blown

Having grown up around glass since I was about six years old I have come to have a special relationship with it ofter a bit unorthodox

I have so learned so much from my parents and their way of working with the glass and also I have gone on my own and learn my own way

Some of the new work I’m doing is all about trying to capture the light
That happens right after the sun sets, that beautiful afterglow that shows up
I feel We definitely need more light in this world